Basement Lowering

Basement lowering does not only provide you with greater basement height. It is the most effective means to creating space in your basement. The costs would vary depending on the dimensions of your basement, excavation depth, types of soil, existing foundation factors, your sewage lines and the location of your water supply. All this information needs to be thoroughly reviewed before an expert can come and start the work. Basement lowering also has its additional benefits such as, increasing the airflow in your livable space and subsequently decreasing humidity providing much needed ventilation.

We handle all the permits and documents required to start your basement lowering. It is always completed with engineered drawings that plan the entire process with the provided blueprints and approved city permits.

Basement Walkouts

A basement walkout allows you to have a separate entrance from your existing basement. Providing you with additional income if you choose to rent out your basement and providing you with a separate entrance outside from the rest of your home. If your current home has only one entrance then you willneed the expertise of a contractor who specializes in walkout basements.

Hire the underpinning experts to help you install your separate basement walkout. If not done properly, it can lead to basement leaks and major damages to your home including the foundation walls which supports the structural integrity of your home. It is important to consider all factors when installing your separate entrance including weather conditions and groundwater.



Underpinning a basement should be done by professionals with the appropriate license, qualification, and experience. We have the expertise and knowledge. All our contractors are licensed and insured to complete your new basement. Underpinning a basement incorrectly can damage the entire structural framework of your home. Add value to your home by getting it done right by company.

What is Underpinning?

Underpinning means reinforcing a foundation already in place. The reason you may need to reinforce a foundation could be to carry extra weight or that it was badly built, has decayed, or there is a possible drop or sink in the foundational structure. If the owner wants to increase the basement ceiling height then underpinning is performed. This is where the basement is lowered to increase the height. Underpinning is performed when the basement is no more than a small storage room and the owner requires extra space or to make it livable by making room for head height.


The Process of Underpinning

Underpinning is the process of lowering your basement. The footing of the house is extended into another level below the ground which allows you to remove the soil from the basement inside without structurally affecting the foundation walls of the home.

What are the Benefits?

When you increase the livable space in your home, the value of your home goes up. This means underpinning your basement can increase the property value. It also means that land space will be retained and noise disturbance will be curbed.

  • Additional living space
  • Healthy Environment
  • Newly done basement
  • Investment value
  • Extra Income

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